I promise you that the individuals who conducted these so-called “studies” did not have vaginas or, if they did, they had never given birth before.  Because I have actually watched vaginal deliveries during my OB rotation…and trust me, it is not pleasant.  I had to sit out at the nurse’s desk the one day because the person who was in labor was screaming at the top of their lungs because the pain was so excruciating (the fetus couldn’t come through the birth canal, even though the uterus was contracting).  They were waiting for an OR room to be prepped so they could do a C-section.  The screaming was horrible…we were all cringing because there wasn’t anything we could do.  

So, yes….I always love seeing things like this that say such-and-such is worse than childbirth…because you KNOW the folks responsible for them have never actually given birth before.  

Believe me: there is a reason I say that my who-ha was made for pleasure and not for baby-makin’.   *shudders*  

Thanks for adding your life story to my post but obviously you’ve never had a paper cut.

People who don’t believe in this obviously don’t know what paper is.


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